Are our Tim Tams safe?

If you’re like me, or Clive Palmer, you know for a fact that Tim Tams are a national icon here in Australia. Nothing beats the feeling of ripping into a packet and the bliss of that first bite, and Clive Palmer would agree with me I’m sure.

However, the sanctity of our chocolaty goodness it at stake, with the food industry wanting to remove the weight of items from food packaging, making it harder for customers to compare products.

Consumer advocacy group choice is bringing consumer attention to the weight of your favourite supermarket items as the government initiates a review before coming to a decision.

Choice spokesperson Tom Godfrey says quantity and weight being removed from the front of packets will make it harder for shoppers to find and compare value for money on the shelves.

“Biscuit lovers might be shocked to learn that if they buy Arnott’s Chewy Caramel Tim Tams instead of the Tim Tams Originals they’ll end up with 25 grams less, or nine biscuits instead of 11.”

Would you care if weight was removed from packaging? / Photo courtesy of Flickr

This is frankly one of sketchiest moves the food industry has made. Attempting to get weight remove from food labeling could be the beginning of out favourite snacks being slowly reduced and altered to contain less over time.

These proposed changes are not in the consumers best interests.

The erratic changes in weight across similar-looking packs can confuse consumers (who lets face it, are a fickle bunch) and proves just why it’s so vital that the pack weight stays on the front of a product.

I know for a fact that these changes will not only cause issues for consumers who want better value, but also for employees who have to deal with angry, bewildered customers.

The National Measurement Institute (NMI) is currently considering proposals from food and cosmetic companies. These proposals are being reviewed until the end of June.


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