The beauty of Poutine

You’re walking through the valley at 2am, and after downing a few too many tequila shots you see a glimmering golden object in the distance. No, it’s not a mirage, it’s a 5 Dogs.

5 Dogs is a chain of food outlets specializing in gourmet hot dogs, chili fries and you guessed it, poutine. There’s something magical about digging into a poutine for the first time that can never be forgotten.


For the unaware, poutine is a Canadian dish consisting of  French fries, topped with cheese (usually cheese curds but many places do it differently) and a light gravy.

Poutine is quite possibly the best late night bender snack you can get, many nights of research have gone into these findings (I may do a proper investigation to find the best snack soon enough though).

The gravy and melted cheese compliment the fries incredibly, and though i do prefer thicker cut chips to actual french fries, it’s still delicious regardless.

If you are out and about in the valley, i implore you to go grab a poutine from 5 Dogs, they do it best.



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