Are our Tim Tams safe?

My sweet, delicious chocolaty take on the argument to leave food labeling alone.

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The beauty of Poutine

You’re walking through the valley at 2am, and after downing a few too many tequila shots you see a glimmering golden object in the distance. No, it’s not a mirage, it’s a 5 Dogs. 5 Dogs is a chain of food outlets specializing in gourmet hot dogs, chili fries and you guessed it, poutine. There’s something […]

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Why’s the USC food so boring?

I’ll always make an effort to try new things and eat in different places, but that isn’t the case at USC. Out of the already small number of food outlets on offer, three of those are cafes, one is a sushi chain and the other is the brassiere, where everyone seems to gather. Give me […]

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